What is the difference between a Virtual Office, Shared Desk, Dedicated Desk, and a Private Office?

A Virtual Office provides communication and address services without providing dedicated office space. Our professional personnel will manage your calls; handle your mail and accept packages. A Shared Office is a desk in a shared space with other members. You have access to the main room to work, kitchen space, free coffee and wifi. You will not be able to keep your office equipment overnight. A Dedicated Desk is in a private office with other members. Your personal desktop can be set up and l...

What are the building hours? When are you open?

All PencilWorks buildings are accessible by keycard 24/7. Buildings are attended by PencilWorks team members between 9am-6pm Monday – Friday.

What type of Wifi/Voice Technology infrastructure does PencilWorks have?

When you are a member at PencilWorks, you will have access to our industry-leading voice and web tools that will help your businesses grow. Every PencilWorks member receives access to fast, secure and reliable connectivity composed of the latest in routing and switching, wireless and security technologies ensuring that your only focus is on your business and not office infrastructure. Your office has both hard-wired (Ethernet) connections along with access to Wi-Fi, Private IP addresses. Unlimi...

How do I have guests visit me at my office?

Your guests are always welcome. They just need to sign in and register at our reception desk before entry.

What is the average size of a Pencilworks office?

Our standard offices are designed to fit 1 to 12 (or more) with more than enough room for your team to work comfortably. Schedule a tour ( to check it out for yourself!

Is there anything fun to do when I need a mental breather?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Our PencilWorks lounge is designed like your living room. You will be able to kick back, relax on one of our couches, watch TV and maybe play some Pac-Man! You can also step outside and stroll in Transmitter park, eat a cookie at Ovenly, or grab a beer across the street.

Is there a communal fridge and kitchen?

Feel free to store your lunch or drinks in our commercial size refrigerator or use one of our microwaves to heat up your lunch. Our kitchen is stocked with mugs, plates and silverware, just put your stuff in the dishwasher when you’re done!!

Do we have to pay for electricity usage?

Nope. Your monthly license fee includes all electric utilities.

Do we need to bring our own printers and scanners?

At PencilWorks, you will have access to state of the art multi-function copier/scanner/printers. Your membership comes with 150 black & white and 20 color prints (or copies) per desk per month. If that is not enough, you could pre-buy at additional copies! You are also more than welcome to bring in your own printers or scanners..

How much Conference Room time comes with our membership?

Your office comes with monthly conference room credits that correlate with your office size. You can easily book online! When conference rooms are not booked, feel free to jump in!

What type of furniture is included in the office?

Your office includes: - desks - chairs - desk lamps - lockable filing cabinets You are welcome to bring in additional or alternate furniture, please let us know if you intend to make changes to the setup.

What's your pet policy?

We are pet friendly. All dogs must be leashed when they're outside of your private office. They must also stay off the furniture.