What is the difference between a Virtual Office, Shared Desk, Dedicated Desk, and a Private Office?

A Virtual Office provides communication and address services without providing dedicated office space. Our professional personnel will manage your calls; handle your mail and accept packages.

A Shared Office is a desk in a shared space with other members. You have access to the main room to work, kitchen space, free coffee and wifi. You will not be able to keep your office equipment overnight.

A Dedicated Desk is in a private office with other members. Your personal desktop can be set up and left overnight and comes with a lockable filing cabinet to lock up your belongings at the end of the day. Phone booths are available on the floor for personal calls.

A Private Office is a fully enclosed, lockable space built for a team of 1-12 people (or more). Your company can add on more offices as you grow. Speak to one our team members to inquire about custom built spaces for teams of 12 or larger.