What type of Wifi/Voice Technology infrastructure does PencilWorks have?

When you are a member at PencilWorks, you will have access to our industry-leading voice and web tools that will help your businesses grow.  Every PencilWorks member receives access to fast, secure and reliable connectivity composed of the latest in routing and switching, wireless and security technologies ensuring that your only focus is on your business and not office infrastructure. Your office has both hard-wired (Ethernet) connections along with access to Wi-Fi, Private IP addresses.

Unlimited domestic VOIP Phone service is provided through our state of the telecommunication system at an additional $69.99/month per user. You will also have access to an array of add on features for your business such as E-fax, Voicemail to Email and Auto Attendant to name a few. International calling services are available at an additional fee. If your team has VOIP phone service that you’d like to maintain, simply plug into the ports provided in your office at no additional fee.